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Alone Is Good... But Sometimes Together Is Better

An Accountability Group can really help with staying on track to reach your goals.

Getting together virtually with my Voice Over Accountability Group every other week has been, well, even though I'm reticent to use an over used term, life-changing! I don't mean that in a grand way, like I hold the winning ticket in last night's lottery draw, but in the way I think about approaching my voice over career. I wake up every morning with a purpose and a plan for what I'm going to be working on that day related to voiceover.

A small brown bird standing alone on a brick wall.

An entire year of supporting each other.

Knowing that I will be meeting with a group of like-minded freelance voice actors has really kept me on my toes. I don't feel as if I can keep putting off projects and goals. I need to have something to report!

We are not in competition with each other at all, but because we belong to some of the same groups, we do run into each other virtually in between our bi-monthly gatherings. Sometimes we are just listening to a speaker but other times we are vocally 'working out' with each other. If we mess up or aren't at our best that day, we can't come into our meetings and present a glowing report about how well we do in our work-out groups. Eyes and ears are everywhere!!

Just another instance of being accountable for where we are in our voice over journey. And it serves as a reminder of where we might need to get a little more practice or coaching.

My group just recently celebrated our one-year anniversary of being together. The six of us who made the commitment to meet every other week have stuck with it for an entire year. That in of itself is quite an accomplishment!

We have been through many things with each other. Some related to voice over, and/or the other 'jobs' that we have in getting us to the point of being able to go full-time in VO, but also many aspects of our lives that are very personal.

This has ranged from break-ups, major moves, the deaths of close family members, disappointments related to auditions, and to not yet being signed with a chosen agent.

On the plus side, we have shared information that we have learned about, details about work we have booked, directed sessions, getting head shots taken, signing with agencies, travels, books narrated and available on Audible, new websites, and Ah-ha moments. Many, many Ah-ha moments!!

Expectations exceeded!

I reached out to these five women through the chat feature during a webinar all about setting goals at the start of last year presented by Anne Ganguzza. My 'goal' in connecting with them was just to see what it might be like to have others to talk to on a regular basis; to get support and also to give support. I had no idea if we would mesh as a group, or how long we might want to meet. A year later, I am so pleased to say that not only were my goals met, but this group has far exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to start our second year together and to be able to look back in twelve more months, or however long we want to continue to meet, and see how far we have come!!

Debra Elaine is a California-based Voice Actor and Medical Narrator delivering professional voice over from her home studio via ipDTL & Source Connect. Learn more >>


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