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Booked It!

Check out my Medical Narration Demo, produced by Anne Ganguzza in the video below:

As a voice actor, auditioning is a part of life. And if it actually becomes part of your day-to-day-life, so much the better. In fact, the more you can audition, the more your changes of getting work. Now, I say that within reason. If you are not trained, or at least properly trained, your chances of booking jobs from all of your auditioning goes way down.

Most voice actors divide their daily work time between auditioning, voicing the jobs that they DO book and marketing, which includes looking for your next job and also making connections with the people who can actually hire you for a project.

SO... a really good scenario for a voice actor is to book a job directly from their demo, which is what happened to me recently!

I received an email from John Chominsky, owner of Atlantis Recording Group in Santa Monica, California. He and Anne had produced my Medical Narration demo a while back and they had included me on a roster of talent demos that they had submitted to a client who was looking for some new voices for their patient education videos. And the client chose me! I didn't even have to audition!

So, what is even better for a voice actor than auditioning? Not auditioning!

Thanks, Anne and John, for producing such a great demo for me!


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