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Bright Light

What may seem like a simple gesture can be a welcome bright light in an otherwise gray day.

"Caretakers need care, too!" That was the message that came with this little bouquet of flowers that arrived at my doorstep from my good friend and neighbor. She knew that I had been going through a lot helping out a family member, and knew that we possibly had a difficult couple of days ahead of us.

Seeing these flowers made me smile. I was truly struck by her kindness. Just knowing that she was thinking of me made me feel that I wasn't alone.

I wanted to take a picture to send to her as a 'Thank You', so I sat the flowers and vase down on a table. I noticed the light coming through the clear glass vase that was filled with water. It made the flowers just glow, and I was struck by the thought of what a bright light she was to me!

I sent her the picture with a note that said " THAT'S how much light you brought to all of us! Thank you for bringing light into my day yesterday. You are the picture and embodiment of what a true friend looks like."

Sometimes I think we downplay what might seem like a small gesture. You never know when a smile, a phone call, a card or a small bouquet of flowers might be just what someone needs that day to help them get through a tough time or just to know that they are being thought of. Especially during these times when we aren't seeing our friends or neighbors on a regular basis, it's nice to stay connected. Especially when it's not expected.

Who might you be a bright light to today?

Photo copyright Debra Fowler


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