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'Geesed' Lighting

Things are not always what they seem at first glance!

I really enjoy photographing shapes and angles; of buildings, or outdoor fences or sculptures, maybe bridges or even some cars. I also like finding or noticing patterns and also the shapes that shadows make on the ground.

A few of those aspects came together in this photo. I've always liked this fence here at Filoli so am just drawn to it most every time I visit the mansion and gardens. I have one favorite photo of this same fence, just a little farther down and around the corner, where, with the colors and foliage behind the fence, my eyes play tricks on me and sometimes I see the fence as the main shape but other times I see that the colors of the flowers in the background are what is creating the shape that I'm seeing.

On this visit, I was caught by the pattern in the shadow on the ground next to the fence, but didn't notice that they looked like marching, long-necked birds until I got home and looked at the image on my computer.

Now that I've seen these 'geese' on the ground, I find that I don't really even notice the fence anymore! (I don't know why, but these 'birds' make me laugh!)

I think that this can translate to other aspects in life as well, not just in looking for shadows on the ground. I think about times that I have one idea in my head about how something will go and then what do you know? things turn out completely different. Case in point was an online improv class through VoiceTrax SF that I reluctantly signed up for, fretted over and dreaded for weeks before the actual day arrived. I even lamented to a couple of people that I had been talked into taking this class, that I would be the worst one there, that I couldn't wait for the two day workshop to be over and I must have been crazy for signing up for the class. And... I'm sure you can figure out where this is going... it turned out to be a GREAT weekend, I had a ton of fun, I totally surprised myself, I was disappointed when it ended and couldn't wait to sign up for another improv class!

Bottom line? Lesson learned!


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