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Get tickets-Jazz at Lincoln Center

Are you a newcomer to jazz music and would appreciate a guided insight into this highly varied and open-minded music? Are you already a fan of jazz and would applaud an insiders insight into this polyrhythmic, syncopated American original art form?

Jazz at Lincoln Center, with Wynton Marsalis serving as Managing and Artistic Director, is offering Jazz 101: A beginner’s Guide To Jazz, starting Saturday, January 30 at 3:30 pm ET (12:30 pm PT) for ten classes, which may be purchased as a package or just pay for the classes that are of interest to you, at $10/class.

Taught by industry experts and members of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, this class will expose listeners to jazz history, classic and new pieces and will supply you with ways to listen to this improvisation heavy genre that is both ‘cool’ and ‘hot’ at the same time.

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