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Getting The Job Done

Having the right equipment is so important in any job, voice acting included. After going through my first round of equipment over the past five years or so, I have moved on to Round Two. There is no lack of advice on the InterWebs regarding which equipment is best, or what to avoid at all costs. I thought it was best to ask people who I have worked with and who know my needs and goals to help me decide on how to improve my sound and how I work on my craft on a daily basis.

I switched over to a shotgun style mic, based on a recommendation from George 'The Tech' Whittam. The Rode NTG-4 has a great price point compared with some of the other shotgun style mics out there. Just need to get used to staying on mic and watching my plosives, such as t, k, p, d, g, and b.

The Scarlett Focusrite Solo is super easy to use and I really like the smooth movement on all of the knobs. I can dial in to exactly where I need to be to be at the exact level I would like to be, rather than having to choose between one 'notch' or another. I appreciate Jim Edgar's advice on this.

What can I say about my Audio-Technica ATH-M50X monitor over-ear head phones besides comfort? They are SO easy on (or should I say 'over') the ears! I never thought I would say that about a pair of head phones, but there are times when I have finished editing, have moved on to something else on the computer, and I realize that I still have them on my head! They are also really comfortable in instances where I only want to use one ear piece. Really easy to push one to the back of my head and continue to hear through the now single headphone. They come in lots of fun, different colors, but I love mine in white! Anne Ganguzza suggested I try these and I'm SO glad she did! Although I can't keep up with Anne's collection. I think she has four different pairs, in four different colors!

These are the major components in my booth. Along with my friend, Little Bear. We can all use a little extra support, right?


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