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Go ahead...skip today!

Go ahead…skip today!

National Skipping Day is April 24, but why wait until then to get a little exercise and have fun while doing it? Not only will you burn calories, you’ll get some muscles moving that maybe you haven’t used in a while and it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face…and of those around you!

When I was growing up, we used to skip rope, or we sometimes called it jumping rope, almost every day during school at recess or lunch. There would be one person on each end of the rope and they would turn it in big circles. Big enough to allow for one, or sometimes two of us, to jump over the rope as it hit the pavement after traveling up around us and over our heads. We had fun chants that we would all sing along with and then would come the many 'skips' could you get in before you stumbled and were called 'out'?

In recent years, I have skipped rope as a warm-up in theater rehearsals. What a work-out! No wonder you see boxers and other athletes skipping rope as part of their exercise regime. It really gets your heart rate up in a very short amount of time! A great way to burn calories and flex those muscles at the same time.

Whether for fun or for some serious exercise, go ahead. Give it a try. Grab a rope and have some fun!!

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