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New Year Reflection

Guided Reflection

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? Do you normally make one?

Rather than focusing on a specific resolution or two, Kelly McGonigal, author, (“The Joy of Movement”, “The Science of Compassion”, “The Upside of Stress”) health psychologist, and educator and lecturer at Stanford University, has developed a practice over the years of an end of year/new year reflection.

In it, she asks a series of questions to help you make sense of the year that has just past and starts you thinking about how you can move into the new year with a sense of hope.

In listening to the 24-minute video, I was pleasantly surprised with how much the directed questions really helped me focus my thoughts on what might I be looking forward to this year and how can I help make this a better year not only for me but for those around me in my life.

And given the year that we all just experienced, what could be better?

Check out Kelly’s YouTube video and learn more about her on her website.


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