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Superheroes in Love

Nicolas Dromard as Fiyero in Wicked in San Francisco, with Teal Wicks as Elphaba. Photo by Joan Marcus


It was such a pleasure working with Broadway singer/actor/dancer Nicolas Dromard on the Industry Professional Interview series for San Carlos Children’s Theater this past fall.

I had met Nicolas eleven years ago when he played Fiyero in Wicked during the show’s second run in San Francisco. I was setting up an off-site presentation of Behind The Emerald Curtain as an SCCT fundraiser, to feature actors, costumes, props and a visual presentation to enlighten audiences on some of what goes on behind the scenes in a Broadway show. He helped me plan the event but at the last minute had to send another actor in his place. He did invite me to meet him backstage when he found out that I had tickets for my second time seeing the show, and I eagerly took him up on that. He was even nicer in person than he had been in his emails and phone calls, and went out of his way to introduce me to fellow actors. I never forgot that experience so when we were brainstorming about who we might put on our SCCT to-be-interviewed list, Nicolas was right at the top.

He was just as nice during the theater interview and I really enjoyed getting to know about his background and what he had been up to since his run on Wicked, such as playing Bert in Mary Poppins and Tommy DeVito in Jersey Boys.

Nicolas has not let the pandemic and subsequent closure of almost all live theater stop both him and his talented singer/dancer/actor wife, Desiree Davar from doing what they love, which is performing! Since last spring, they have been reaching out to their fans from places such as their own living room, rooftop patio, and backyard, on the East Coast; in a park, winery and in and about beautiful homes in California, and back on the East Coast at Music Theatre of Connecticut.

Their latest show, a Valentine’s Special, will take place Saturday February 13 at 4:0 pm PST (7:30 pm EST.) Don’t miss a fun evening of singing and dancing by these two talented veteran performers. It is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Tickets are on a donation basis.

Learn more about Nicolas and Desiree here.

Date And Time

Sat, Feb 13, 2021, 4:30 PM PST (7:30 pm EST.)

Save your seats by clicking here or in the picture above.


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