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The Dancing Trees

It's not what we see that is important, it's how we look at it that counts.

I opened my curtains this morning and something caught my eye that I don't normally see. What I saw were what I'll call The Dancing Trees. The room I work from is on the second story. Less than a quarter of a mile away is a grove of about 30 Redwood trees. The average height of the trees is about 50 feet, with one of them standing taller, at about 60 feet. Even at a distance, these trees are very big and impressive.

For the past few weeks, my area has been experiencing a lot of rain. By some accounts, this is the most rain that has fallen here in about a decade. Local streams that have been mostly dry for the past ten years have suddenly sprung into action, trying to aid in diverting all of the direct rain and runoff out to a body of water that can more easily handle the extra volume.

As I am sitting looking out over the rooftops as yet another cell of rain clouds move through the area, these tall trees across the way are swaying in the wind.

While I am looking at a gray sky, wondering when the rain will stop so I can go out for my daily walk, hoping that the flooding of our streets and walkways will remain at just the nuisance level and nothing more serious than that, and wishing that I might at least see the sun peek through the clouds, for even just a moment, I get the feeling, even from the distance of about a quarter mile, that the trees are happy. They look as if they are actually dancing!

And if trees have feelings (not saying if they do or don't... ) I can only imagine that they are happy! They get watered at ground level at least a few times a week, so their roots receive moisture, but unless we have rain, their needles and branches are dry for most of the year. And during some years, they are more dry than others. I can only imagine how they must 'feel' having all of this rain on them. Being so high up in the air, they couldn't even be hosed off to take advantage of moisture. It can only come from rain.

It's all about perspectives

It struck me that in any given situation that there are always positives and negatives. What is an inconvenience for one could be a welcome relief to another. I totally understand that trees don't smile or sway in the wind with a feeling of glee, but they for sure make me happy just watching them. They made me feel a little less gloomy about watching yet another burst of rain move through.

And they remind me that in many, if not most situations, how you think about something is all in your perspective.

Debra Elaine is a California-based Voice Actor and Medical Narrator delivering professional voice over from her home studio via ipDTL & Source Connect. Learn more >>


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