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Heart Health and You

What’s the best gift you can give someone for Valentine’s Day?

A healthy you!

Sure, go ahead with the flowers, box of chocolates and the fancy dinner, but make a pledge that when you give your heart to someone, it’s as healthy as it can be.

How do you do that? By taking good care of yourself. Just staying focused on a few simple steps can make a huge difference in a healthy you. Eat smart, get active and manage your stress. Sounds pretty simple, right? It is hard to break old habits, but with determination and a commitment to your health and your heart, you can begin by making changes one step at a time. After all, you're worth it!

February is National Heart Month. Start making heart health a priority. Your heart, and the people who love you, will thank you.

For more suggestions for a healthy heart, visit the American Heart Association.


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