"A unique and diversified talent.

She is extremely capable on so many levels. It’s rare to find all this in one individual..."

Eron Block | Artistic Director

Clear and Comprehensive Voice Over

Debra holds multiple degrees in Science & Liberal Arts, as well as a Masters degree in Management.  She has over twenty years’ teaching experience and served as President of a nonprofit board. Her background as a registered nurse, diabetes educator, and Board-certified patient advocate gives her the knowledge and hands-on application to bring practical, helpful meaning to your copy. She is able to interpret and deliver complex terminology & processes in a clear and comprehensive manner – an ideal voice that can engage both students and staff alike.

 Advocacy + Action 

Advocacy is at the very core of Debra’s ongoing mission to help others. Whether as a volunteer, staff, family caregiver, or friend, Debra is a voice for those in need, in medical & surgical environments, maternity & pediatric hospital units, doctor’s offices, and agencies such as Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospital and government & educational organizations. 

 Proud Member of 

Debra is a proud member of the Alliance of Professional Healthcare Advocates (APHA), the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES) and has been certified by the Patient Advocate Certification Board (PACB)


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