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My Aprons

I have a 'thing' for aprons! Especially retro ones, like this pretty pink polka dot and lace apron that I created a few years ago. It makes me think of a warm kitchen, thick with the aroma of something sweet, baking in the oven.

I think of parties that my parents would have. Our house would be full of small talk, stories and easy laughter that can only come when you are surrounded by family and good friends. There were parties for various holidays, baby showers, game nights, dancing to favorite records and pot lucks.

And I could always tell what type of a party my Mom was planning, based on the type of apron she was wearing in the kitchen, Some of her aprons were strictly made to get-the-job-done. She had a few that were made out of kitchen towels. I always knew that meant a barbecue or that she was cooking up something messy, like her famous baked beans, or maybe a soup; lentil or split pea being two of her favorites. Or maybe she was making a big pot of chili or planning on serving up Sloppy Joes.

A fun apron like this pink polka dot one usually meant she would be taking her shoes off at some point during the evening and dancing the jitterbug with my Dad after she had served something most likely in a chaffing side, like maybe beef stroganoff or Swedish meatballs. Or something that could be stuck with colored toothpicks, like Vienna sausages in a finger-licking, sweet tasting tomato-based sauce.

She had really 'special' aprons that were mostly see through, the fabrics were so delicate. They might be embossed or have an almost flocked feel with some shape that went with the season or holiday. They were usually scratchy to touch but when placed over one of her fancy, full skirts, worn with nylons and heels, she looked so elegant. That usually signaled to me that there would be passed hors d' oeuvres on silver platters, outfitted with white paper doilies.

My Mom wasn't the only one who wore aprons. Aunts, friends and neighbors all had their own wardrobe of aprons, although I think my Mom had the best ones. She really took her aprons seriously!

I guess that rubbed off onto me, although I don't personally wear any really fancy aprons like she had. But I do wear an apron for every meal I eat at home and have even been known to bring my own apron to a social gathering or two, including Board meetings, ice cream socials, theater and hospital events, fundraisers, dinner parties and neighborhood barbecues! If you ask me, I think a good apron could be welcome most anywhere.

I'll be sharing some of my favorite aprons that I have made in future posts. I hope you will like them. I love creating them!


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