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Be Prepared

Planning ahead and gathering supplies helps me be more productive.

Over the years I have found that, no matter what type of project I am working on, if I just take a little extra time before I begin to locate the tools I'll need for the task ahead of time, it really pays off in the end. It saves me a lot of time, headache and frustration. I can stay focused on what I'm doing by not being distracted when I have to go look for something. I complete the job faster because I don't spend time going down some 'rabbit-hole', which could be on the computer or in my actual physical space.

A variety of fabric and sewing equipment on a table

Visualize the goal

By going through a checklist of what I will need, either mentally or physically, taking that time also allows for me to plan out about how much time over-all I believe I'll need for a project. I can realistically block out time on my calendar and set my own expectations for when I think I'll be finished. I can visualize the end, and plan out a road map in my mind of how and when I might complete whatever it is that I'm doing.

Round up my tools

Whether I'm baking, making a salad or a bowl of oatmeal, cleaning the house, sewing, gardening, playing the piano, hosting a party or voicing an audition or actual job, the process is the same; think ahead, gather the tools I need and get started!

Debra Elaine is a California-based Voice Actor and Medical Narrator delivering professional voice over from her home studio via ipDTL & Source Connect. Learn more >>

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