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Change? Not so much...

Some people love change. Live for it. Always looking for something new. Don’t like being stuck in their same old routine. Or they might think of it as a being in a rut. I love being in a rut! Love routine. Love not changing.

At the end of a school year I would cry. I’m not just talking about my own school years, but my children’s school years as well. I always felt like it took me at least nine months to really get a good system going and know exactly what was expected, routine-wise, every day.

I feel that way with each day. I’m just getting a good groove going during the day and BAM…it’s now night. Wait a minute…I was just getting comfortable with how my day was panning out.

I don’t like the end of the year. I don’t even like when each decade comes to an end. And don’t get me started on that whole ‘last century’ ‘this century’ thing. That’s still affecting me, 21 years later.

I don’t like when the time changes. I start dreading it about a month out. And it takes me at least two weeks to start feeling ‘normal’ again.

So the seasons changing are not a good time for me. It seems like just as I’m getting comfortable with the current season, and WHAMMO…I get fired from handling that job well and in comes a new season to up-seat the current one. Which, did I say, I really liked and was very comfortable with?

So, here we are with another season change. Summer has just finished up. I need to get over it. Instead of Fall being on the horizon, it's here. Just like that. Nothing I can do about it.

Except embrace it. Look for the positives. Say a proper goodbye to summer, wish it well. Let it know that I look forward to greeting it again, with open, expectant arms, again next year.

So for now, I will change out my quite lovely summer display plates on my mantel with their pretty yellows, and light blues and replace them with my equally as pretty plates in greens and gold and place front-and-center the one in the shape of an apple. Get out the twinkling lights. Pull out the flameless candles and set the timers to come on just as the sun is going down. Brighten up the house for the longer days of darkness. Or I can choose to think of it as ‘reduced-sunshine’.

I'll be sure to get outside every day to soak up as much of that warm, glorious, Vitamin D-producing, sunshine as possible. Stop to look for the fall colors in the trees that are changing around me. Put my summer shifts and skirts to the back of my closet and pull out my cozy sweaters. Get out my handmade quilts for nights snuggled up on my comfy couch with a good book, or the remote, ready to settle in for a movie binge.

I can start baking bread again and oh…the soups I could make. I love making soup! And baking cookies?? Haven’t done that in a while. Come to think of it, maybe this season change won’t be so bad after all.


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