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Have A Nice Trip... See You Next Fall!

Slowing down may actually save you time.

I remember being in grade school and if a kid were to stumble and trip on something, we'd all hear at least one youngster say "Have a nice trip! See you next fall!" While that might have gotten a laugh from the lunch-box crowd, the older we get, the less funny that is.

I recently tripped in my kitchen over a big box of blueberries while going from the sink to the table to eat lunch. The box was on the floor right in front of me! But I was so busy eating the delicious salad (that had taken me twenty minutes to prepare) as I was walking, that I wasn’t even paying attention to where my feet were.

A pair of women's feet in black heels entangled in a white cord on an off-white linoleum floor.

Is there such a thing as multi-tasking?

I think sometimes we get so caught up in the 'hurry-up-ed-ness' of life that we try to multitask to save time. Which may work some of the time, but in the long run, it most likely will actually cost us more time, as we have to go back over material to really grasp what we just read or heard, or we have to redo a project because we just weren't paying attention in the first place.

Rushing can be painful!

Sometimes the obvious is right in front of us! S-L-O-W down! My knees still hurt, three weeks later, and I'm actually really surprised that I didn't break anything... my bones OR my salad plate!

Debra Elaine is a California-based Voice Actor and Medical Narrator delivering professional voice over from her home studio via ipDTL & Source Connect. Learn more >>


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