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Aprons + Ronald McDonald House

This is what it looks like when two passions collide; my aprons and Ronald McDonald House Stanford!

Ronald McDonald House at Stanford opened in doors in 1979 to serve families of critically ill patients being treated at Stanford Hospital and Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. The House provides overnight housing, meals, activities, family support services, hair cuts and massages, access to K-12 education, a family-centered Makerspace and a sense of community and caring. This is so important at a time when families are facing the stress, anxiety and uncertainty that comes from having a child who is facing an illness or condition that necessitates specialized medical or psychological care while also being away from home. Not just a place to sleep, eat and access services, the House also provides a respite from all-things medical in an environment that feels like a home-away-from-home, while in the company of other families facing similar situations.

Having undergone a renovation in 2017, RMH Stanford now ranks as one of the largest Ronald McDonald Houses in the world, with the capacity to accommodate up to 123 families per night, in addition to being accessible to families for day use.

Meals and the camaraderie of eating together with other families in a community setting is one of the highlights of spending time at RMH. Before the pandemic, families were able to prepare, cook and eat together in the big communal kitchen and would often be served by volunteers who would take over mealtime creation and chores. Since the pandemic struck, a team of professionals has been providing the cooking and serving all of the meals at Ronald McDonald House Stanford.

I have been a supporter of RMH for many years. Decades, actually. I have spent a lot of time engaged in many activities there; from volunteering in the front office, giving tours of the House, heading up solicitations for fundraisers, to appearing in public service announcements with well-known sports celebrities, and representing RMH at health fairs, to donating goods, such as 100 copies of my costume book one Halloween and most recently, some of my aprons that I love to make.

Roger Cordoba, Associate Director of Family Services, was very happy to receive my offer of over a half dozen hand-made, hand-delivered aprons and I was equally happy that they could be put to good use. When I asked if he could use more, he answered me with a whole-hearted "Yes!" but asked if my next delivery might include some gender friendly ones. After seeing this picture, I understood what he meant! I immediately placed an order for half a dozen solid black chef's aprons that were delivered the very next day. Roger was grateful, but assured me that he would still like to have some more colorful ones, and guaranteed me that he had no problem wearing pink!

Consider the order placed, Roger! More pink, (and other color) aprons on the way!

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