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The Fabric of Creation

I love to create something out of nothing. Even back when I was a little girl making mud pies in the backyard!

Whether it is creating a fundraising event, writing a story or blogging, painting in watercolor, cooking or sewing, I find it so rewarding to watch something 'appear' that wasn't there a while ago. Could be hours, could be days or even months...or longer in the case of some of my paintings!

I never tire of watching something take shape that previously was just random items, ingredients or thoughts.

I especially feel that way when I create with fabric, and most particularly if I am making an apron or a cape for a costume. For me, aprons represent good times in the kitchen and tasty food to come; time spent with family and friends if there is a party, neighborhood event or fundraiser. I somehow find a way to make an apron appropriate attire at many of these gatherings.

And a cape...don't get me started on those, especially if they are being crafted for children. Endless possibilities for fun and imagination there! Those are some of my most favorite creations.

I enjoy the feel of fabric and the colors and prints. I like designing and thinking about what 'could' be, which colors and prints would look best together to achieve the look and tone I have in my mind for the finished product. I like shopping for the fabric, both online and in the store. Both ways have their advantages. When online, I can utilize a design board or compare between the many online shopping sites. When physically in a store, I get to feel the fabric and see actual saturation of color and the subtle nuances that don't show up when viewing on a computer screen.

I also like seeing the material in my workspace, once I wash and dry it and fold it up for stacking. I didn't realize just how much I enjoyed all of that until the pandemic hit with the subsequent quarantine that went into effect. A call went out for sewers to make cloth face masks for essential medical personnel and suddenly there was a shortage of certain types and colors of cotton fabric. That's when I was grateful for my 'stash'.

And when I first realized that I may have a slight obsession with pretty fabric.

But what a fun obsession to have!


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