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I love sunsets! I know. That sounds so cliche! But it's true. There is a certain rhythm in a day for me that seems to come from marking time in some way.

No matter what time the sun sets, it brings a finality to the day for me. It's like putting a period at the end of a sentence. And then I can move to the night portion of the twenty-four hour cycle. I consider "night" to be any time it is dark outside.

My favorite way to enjoy a sunset is by being outside, rather than just looking out a west facing window. And the best place for me to enjoy a sunset is next to a body of water. I like to go for a walk just as the sun is heading down. And if it isn't cloudy, foggy or smokey (I live in California...) I can see the reflection of the colors of the sky in the water.

This picture was taken right as the sun was setting. The colors in the backdrop aren't from the sky, but rather are the reflection in the water.

Just looking at this image brings me a sense of calm and well-being. I literally find myself taking a deep breath and I can almost feel the light breeze coming off of the water, stroking my face. I can imagine the sounds the various birds make flying overhead as they make their way to wherever they will sleep for the night.

Do you have a favorite image that brings you a sense of peace, relaxation and tranquility?

Photo copyright Debra Fowler


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